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Time Warner Cable Sports

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Behind the scenes with: Mark Shuken General Manager, Time Warner Cable Sports

“The logistics of building television facilities, as you might imagine, are incredibly challenging. This project had a crazy timeframe—one year to start a new regional sports network and build a home for it. We had recently secured the broadcast rights for the Los Angeles Lakers and needed to act aggressively. JLL identified, leased, project managed and completed the facility so we could be operational within the year.”

“We made multiple changes with our aesthetic assumptions and technological point of view. We started to build the facility in the format of a newsroom and a cable company, but we quickly understood that wasn’t the right model. It needed to better reflect who we were: a sports—and events-oriented company.

The logistics of building television facilities, as you might imagine, are incredibly challenging—including enormous generators and big heavy antennae that need to be pointed in the right direction. But JLL brought very specific expertise to the project. The team managed the studio designers, the landlord, the technical specs, the aesthetics,the space logistics, the power, the HVAC, the vendors and every detail, great and small.

Most importantly, JLL helped us connect the dots. This was an incredibly complex project with hundreds of moving parts. The JLL team navigated all the potential barriers—obtaining permits, working with the city, getting city code changes for signage variances and attending public hearings. Without JLL, this facility would not have been created and this network would not have launched.

In the end, it was exactly what we wanted it to be—a physical expression of our brand and philosophy in a 60,000-square-foot facility on a two-building campus. At one of the many events we hosted since it opened, a long time Lakers player said to me that this was the first time in his career that he had ever been invited to the TV facility. Our brand is about collaboration, communication and connection. This player felt it that day.

It was, in fact, the most significant project of my career. The feedback we are getting is that it is not just the best sports network facility on the West Coast, but the best in the country.”

-Mark Shuken, General Manager, Time Warner Cable Sports