WHOOP builds custom Fenway office to meet high growth

How their new space helps secure more deals

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May 18, 2017, 3:40 PM

Boston-based tech company WHOOP, whose mission is to “unlock human performance,” is elevating wrist fitness trackers to an influential audience: athletes.

Already popular with NBA players and notable Olympians, WHOOP is securing deals with major sports leagues. In addition to an MLB deal, WHOOP just partnered with the NFL to become the first company officially licensed by the NFL Players Association to provide its wearable devices to track players’ health and recovery data.

After several paramount deals, WHOOP was in high-growth mode and needed room to expand. See their new space below.

WHOOP employees liked calling the Fenway neighborhood home, so location was top of mind when looking for space. Ultimately, they selected the Van Ness at 1325 Boylston Street, which features breathtaking and unobstructed views of Fenway Park. Being steps from one of the most notable sports stadiums in the nation is hugely beneficial for the company’s branding and awareness.

The state-of-the-art space was custom designed and built, featuring a data collection room, a gym, a prototyping lab, more meeting spaces, a great kitchen, an outdoor terrace and a sprawling roof deck.

Though the space is primarily a boon for employee productivity, it’s critical for WHOOP’s business that clients are also on board.

“When you have high-profile athletes come to your office you want make sure they have a great experience and really understand what your company is all about,” - WHOOP Founder & CEO Will Amhed.

Both clients and employees appreciate the investment.

“We get similar reaction across the board — they love the space,” said Carlos Famadas, CFO & VP of Operations at WHOOP.

“Your office space really matters, and having a great space, great environment and great design is going to improve everything about your company and really permeate through its culture,” Ahmed added.

A version of this post originally appeared on our JLL Boston Blog.