Need a web developer?

Look past the Bay Area.

Nov 28, 2017, 11:54 AM

You want the best? Go where they live.

Having the ability to attract top tech talent can be the difference between a tech company’s ultimate success and failure. But if you’re going after the best and brightest, you first need to have a large, quality pool of talent to choose from.

One of the hottest tech jobs nowadays is web developer. Developers handle everything from using Photoshop to create the overall design to the writing of code that brings a site to life. By 2024, job growth for web developers is projected to rise by 27% by 2024, according to Global IT staffing agency Modis. That clearly indicates a growing field nationally.

But with growth comes competition. For companies looking to fill a web developer need right now, Portland’s got you covered.

Rip City has the third highest concentration of web developers in the entire country—trailing only San Francisco and Silicon Valley. Though unlike those markets, it won’t cost you an arm and a leg to hire here.

Portland’s average web developer salary is $103,020, only 58th highest in the country. In Silicon Valley web developers will run you on average $133,010 per year—a 29.1% premium over Portland.

And unlike some markets, the best talent in PDX isn’t being horded by one or two companies. It’s pretty balanced across the entire city and region. That should give you a fair shot of grabbing what you need to succeed in the jungle that is the modern tech industry.

Researcher: Patricia Raicht | Editor: Michael Cronin