Minneapolis’ CBD, a relocation magnet

A number of big names are choosing to leave the suburbs for the city

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Jan 27, 2017, 12:21 PM

Tech wants the top amenities that downtown can offer.

Whether they’re coming from the suburbs or out of state, Minneapolis’s CBD has been a popular destination over the past couple of years for companies on the move. Since 2015, over 1.14 million square feet of office space was absorbed by organizations that had previously been located elsewhere.

The area’s easy transit access, highly concentrated labor pool and plentiful amenities have helped drive many of those decisions.

In total, 15 tech firms have accounted for more than 333,000 square feet of absorption as a result of recent relocations, including Coyote Logistics move to recently renovated Nate’s Clothing building and When I Work’s move to the Ford Center.

Researcher and author: Carolyn Bates | Editor: Michael Cronin