Denver’s the place software engineers want to be

The Mile High City trailed only Austin in a recent study.

Jun 1, 2017, 6:34 PM

Why software engineers are eyeing Denver

A recent study by tech-oriented job network Hired looked at the state of global tech salaries in 2017 and found Denver is among the country’s most appealing cities for in-demand software engineers.

It’s already one of the fastest growing tech markets in the country, so these results should come as no surprise.

The Mile High City ranked second for most appealing places to live—trailing only Austin—in the list of ten major U.S. markets.


Analysis included data based on job offers but went beyond strictly compensation. It included factors like recruiting (locally versus out-of-area), types of roles and diversity of company sizes.

Though Denver’s software engineers receive a lower overall salary ($112,000) than some other tech hubs, when adjusted for cost of living, a Denver paycheck goes considerably further. Using a cost of living compared to San Francisco calculator, the northern Front Range region pays its workers closer to $180,000 annually.

Engineers surveyed favor Denver’s lower cost of living, workplace culture and focus on work-life balance seen in few of the other cities.

Hired’s Jessica Kirkpatrick told the Denver Post that “candidates want to be a part of a company where they believe strongly in the mission.”

Denver gives tech employees the ability to follow their passion—all while finding more bang for their buck.

Research: Thomas Jaroszewski | Editor: Michael Cronin