New Technology Center to fuel local innovation

This $1.5 billion project is the largest development in Pennsylvania’s history

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Jan 19, 2017, 5:02 PM

The urban, vertical answer to Silicon Valley's sprawling tech campuses.

Philadelphia’s largest Fortune 500 Company, Comcast, is also now one of its fastest-growing tech employers.

The company’s set to hire as many as 2,500 new employees to fill its under-construction Technology Center, set to open in Q1 2018. The 1.3 million-square-foot space will not only help the company manage its own growth, but also act as an incubator for local tech companies and spinoffs from within Comcast’s research and development work.

This $1.5 billion project—the largest development in Pennsylvania’s history—is designed to be the urban, vertical answer to the sprawling tech campuses of Silicon Valley, with multi-story atria creating interactive spaces for collaboration and conferencing. In addition to your typical workplace amenities, the building will connect to the city’s underground transit system and concourse, giving workers year-round, weatherproof access to transit, shopping and dining. And extensive on-site bike parking is a nod to the city’s large millennial workforce.

All eyes are on the project, not only for the statement it makes on the Philadelphia skyline, but also for the potential ripples in may cause in the local tech scene. As the company expands its products and services and grows its in-house employment base, expect to see a “Comcast effect”: an influx of new businesses into the city as companies in related industries seek nearby office space.

Portions of the office space will deliver throughout the year, with an overall completion date set for spring 2018.

Research and author: Clint Randall | Editor: Michael Cronin